Corfri Group


Real Estate 

Since its foundation in 1984 Corfri has been investing in real estate targeting rent incomes and long appreciation. At present, Corfri has 15 property holdings managed by its team, 13 located in Spain and 2 buildings in Germany.

Corfri’s acquires properties without leverage, refurbishes if necessary and manages the property striving to increase rents and resale value.

Following “Friends & Family” requests, Corfri has developed three co-investment vehicles in 2008 and 2009, where as the sponsor it is committed to invest more than 30% to get aligned with investors.

Why co-investment?

  • Opportunity for the co-investor to know in advance what he is exactly buying, instead of making a commitment
  • Opportunity for Corfri to accelerate its development as a sponsor, instead of assuming banking leverage.


Offer sustainable real estate co-investment opportunities with an active management to obtain target annual returns of 7-13%. So far, Corfri has reached 15-22% on previous investments.

 Investment process

  • Detect a property opportunity through contacts in Spain   and Germany (opportunistic approach)
  • Technical and Legal Due Diligence
  • Previous Acquisition without leverage by Corfri with own financial resources
  • Invitation to our exclusive group of co-investors to join the investment      opportunity through an efficient scheme
  • Distributions on a regular basis and re-sale the property by the 4th-6h year, allocating capital gains to investors by the percentage owned in the vehicle

 Investment criteria

  • Prime location
  • No financial leverage
  • Properties located in areas of expanding economy
  • Residential in Germany and only offices in Spain
  • Budget between €1-3 Million (exceptionally up to €5M)
  • Property already with tenants or discount purchase price if empty
  • Potential of rent and sale price increases within the holding period